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"Losing it with Brittany"

 HIIT Class

This class is usually a larger class setting and consists of approximately 30 minutes of exercise and followed by light yoga to prevent soreness and injury. Upon joining you will be added to Fuel Warrior, our nutrition coaching Facebook page that is for class members only.  Losing it is beginner friendly but can challenging enough if you push yourself.  The intensity is all up to you!


There are many videos posted on the Losing it with Brittany Facebook page showing what goes on in the class.


Mondays & Thursdays

6:00 -7:00pm

Epic Mobility 

Don’t you want feel better? 


Tai Chi , Yoga & Pilate practices are weaved into one! Years of teaching these three separately, I couldn’t help but weave the mindfulness practices together. 


The classes are set around the students and the focuses each week to get lost in the movement. Whether you are in a sport, chronic pain or supplementing your strengthening program this unique class is for you. 


Tai chi being low-impact & consists of a series of slow, gentle and flowing movements and stretches. Each posture is connected and flows seamlessly to the next. 


Pilates targets small muscles, you can strengthen the body’s stabilizing muscles, improve coordination & tone.


Yoga, has been shown to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol even after one session. It can relieve back pain better than traditional exercises, and ease arthritis. 

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Wednesday at 5:30

THRIVE is a half hour of calorie burning and muscle toning.  THRIVE uses a combo of body weight and light weight exercises. The THRIVE class format changes regularly to challenge you and keep you safe.

Small Group Personal Training

These classes combine the personal attention to detail of one-on-one personal training and the support and energy of a group training class.  Build muscle, drop body fat and feel stronger.