Health Coaching

Brick House Health Coaches help clients make positive and lasting changes to their health,guiding clients through the process of creating a vision for their health and well-being, developing a healthy mindset and healthy habits, and encouraging them every step of the way until they accomplish their goals.

Our Goal is helping others become their best selves. Our 40 yrs of experience pours into motivation, inspiration, and guided discussions. Let us tap into your  motivation and foster action.

LETS go!

Health Coaching sessions depends on each client specifically. We offer bundles services or sessions bought based on your goals.


The cost of a health and wellness coach depends on the extent of your personal goals.

Since health coaching is an ongoing relationship, not a one-time service,  3 month programs, 6 month programs or monthly plans are the key. 

Health Coaching Bundles within your Bundles monthly include these options.



-Bi weekly 

This is discussed during your initial assessment depending on your realistic goals.        
Health coaching bundles start at $75 a month.

Fuel Warrior

Nutritional Health Coaching guidance helps you build healthier habits, mentally and physically. Fuel Warrior equips you and provide updates on Brick House Culture. Mindful living leads to change and change will lead you to thriving. Just another tool to keep you feeling your best.