Brick House Members Bundles
Health Coaching Bundle

The cost of a health and wellness coach depends on the extent of your personal goals.

Since health coaching is an ongoing relationship, not a one-time service,  3 month programs, 6 month programs or monthly plans are the key. 

Health Coaching Bundles within your Bundles monthly include these options.



-Bi weekly 

This is discussed during your initial assessment depending on your realistic goals.        
Health coaching bundles start at
$75 a month.

Virtual Bundle

Prepare you for success. The convenience and live interaction with someone apart of your healthcare circle will give you the tools for a stronger self management. 

Who doesn’t want to feel better right?  



-Unlimited Live Virtual Classes

-Brick FLiX Library   

-Fuel Warrior 


Put tabs to route it to more info 


Virtual Package $99

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