Since I first began training over 23 years ago helping people reach their goals became a personal interest rather than just a job. Whether it be losing weight, building muscle, sports specific training or helping you recover from an injury I have always found it to be rewarding. I never pull up to the lot of the gym and dread training people. Each person, each individual circumstance that made that person seek me out is a puzzle to me which I love to help them solve. I've always said it's not just about helping you reach goals. To me it's about changing lives.


Education and certifications

  • BS in Exercise Science

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine certified with specializations in

  • Weight management, Cardio training for sports performance, MMA conditioning, Balance and reactive training, Muscular development and fitness nutrition specialist.

  • CPR/AED certified


  • Certified Personal trainer for over 23 years

  • Former college Basketball player

  • Has personally lost over 100 pounds

  • Competitive triathlete   

The Trainers

James Hambrick

Brittany Hambrick

I first became certified after my Lupus diagnosis at 23 years old.  I knew then that if I didn’t get into a profession that kept my body strong.  The onset of this disease brought many other autoimmune disorders.  One of which was Rheumatoid arthritis.  Personal training and teaching fitness classes became a passion and a necessity to me.  I enjoy and am deeply dedicated to helping others, be them healthy or suffering from arthritis themselves.  My disease has become the most valuable teaching tool I could have at my disposal.  I understand stiff joints and achy muscles and I know how to strengthen them and make them stronger and more fluid.  I coach a HIIT class called Losing it with Brittany with 25-35 clients also several small group classes of 6 and a boot camp classes of 12.  I live by the motto, “You are made to move.”


Education and Certifications

  • American Council on Exercise certified for 13 years

  • Clinical exercise specialist

  • Certified through the Arthritis Foundation of America

  • Arthritis Foundation Master Trainer of Tennessee

  • AF aquatics certified

  • AF land Certified

  • AF Tia Chi

  • Yogi Fitt

  • Beachbody Insanity certified

  • Beachbody piyo certified

  • AFFA Spin certified

  • CPR/AED certified

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